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What’s the Difference Between Quartz Stone and Terrazzo ?

What’s the Difference Between Quartz Stone and Terrazzo ?

In the decoration industry, in addition to the high proportion of quartz stone, the application proportion of terrazzo is also good. Quartz stones of various colors have become one of the elements of a beautiful and fashionable home.




What is terrazzo?

Whether the performance of terrazzo sheet is really superior to quartz stone, we must first understand what is terrazzo. Terrazzo is a kind of artificial stone. It is made of cement and mixed with marble or granite crushed stone, crushed glass and quartz stone particles of different colors and particle sizes.

After stirring, molding, curing, grinding and other processes, an artificial stone with a certain decorative effect is made. It is widely used because of its rich source of raw materials, low price, good decorative effect and simple construction process.

It is usually used more on the ground, on the wall, and can even be used as a sink.



Quartz vs Terrazzo

Advantages of terrazzo

The hardness of terrazzo can reach 5-7 grades, which is indistinguishable from quartz stone, and it is scratch-resistant, not afraid of rolling, color can be adjusted at will, and will not shrink and deform.

Terrazzo designs and colors can be spliced at will, with no dust, high cleanliness, and can meet the requirements of high-clean environments such as dust-free workshops. And the price is cheap, belongs to the lower grade decoration stone category.



Where is terrazzo inferior to quartz stone?

1. Terrazzo has poor corrosion resistance. If it is used in highly corrosive places, or the terrazzo floor is cleaned with highly corrosive detergents, it will cause serious corrosion of the floor and greatly reduce the service life.

2. The water absorption and permeability are poor. There are many voids in the terrazzo. These voids can not only hide the ash layer but also seep water. If there are water stains on the ground, it will easily penetrate into the floor below, and the stains on the ground will also be taken down. , Contaminate the terrazzo floor, and cleaning is also very difficult.

Although terrazzo and quartz have some similarities, quartz has more advantages.

“Quartz stone is improved on the basis of traditional terrazzo to enhance the strength and gloss of the quartz stone surface, which is equivalent to the quality of high-grade marble”




Post time: Jun-24-2022