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How to Install Quartz Stone?

How to Install Quartz Stone?

Among the home improvement stone, quartz stone plate can be used in the whole home improvement field. Due to the different fields of application, the processing and installation links are also different.

Quartz stone has the advantages of wear resistance, scratch resistance, high temperature resistance, anti-penetration, non-toxic and non-radiation, etc., and fully meets all the characteristics required for cabinet countertops.

The installation of quartz stone countertops is a key part of the decoration. The quality of the installation of the countertop will directly affect the service life of the overall cabinet!

So how to install quartz stone countertops?

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Quartz Countertop Installation Method

1. Before installing the countertop, it is necessary to check the flatness of the cabinets and base cabinets on site, and check whether the quartz stone countertop to be installed is completely matched with the size of the site.

※If there is an error, the quartz stone countertop needs to be reprocessed, and the general error is within 5mm-8mm.
2. When installing the quartz stone countertop, it is necessary to keep the distance between the stone and the wall, and the gap is generally within 3mm-5mm.

Purpose: To prevent the thermal expansion and contraction of the stone countertops and cabinets in the future, stretch them. After the installation is completed, you need to put glass glue on the gaps.


3. When measuring the depth of the cabinet, the countertop needs to reserve a size of 4cm to facilitate the installation of the lower hanging edge. Adjust the countertop, and use glass glue to connect the pads under the countertop to the base cabinet.


4. When splicing some super-long countertops (such as L-shaped countertops), in order to ensure the flatness of the spliced ​​countertops and the tightness of the joints, it is recommended to use strong fixing clips (A clip, F clip) to fix the quartz stone plate.

In addition, when gluing the lower hanging strip, it is also necessary to use a strong fixing clip to fix it to ensure the perfect combination of the table top splicing and the gap between the table top and the bottom hanging strip.


5. Evenly apply some glass glue for color matching on the bottom of the water retaining strip of the cabinet to stick the water retaining strip.

Notice: Do not use connecting colloids such as marble glue, so as to prevent the cracking or breaking of the stone from being too tight after bonding.


6. If you need to install a sink and other devices, first of all, some local trimming should be carried out on the quartz stone countertop and the water blocking on the countertop.

Method: Tap to check whether it is suspended. For some small suspended shapes, add some glass glue to the back and bottom of the stone for filling. For some serious unevenness, you need to stop the construction and adjust the cabinet to a flat state.


7. In the installation of the countertop, try to avoid large-scale cutting and opening of the quartz stone on the construction site.


①In order to prevent cutting dust from polluting the construction site

②Prevent errors caused by inaccurate cutting

If it is necessary to open holes on site, the openings should be smooth, and the four corners should be arced. This is to avoid stress points at the openings and cracking when the table surface is unevenly stressed.


How to Accept Quartz Stone Countertops ?

Ⅰ Check the seam condition

If you can clearly see the glue line of the seam after the countertop is installed, or if you can feel the obvious wrong seam by hand, it means that the seam is definitely not done.


Ⅱ Check the color difference

Quartz stones of the same type and color will have a certain degree of chromatic aberration due to different delivery times. Everyone must pay attention to the comparison when entering the countertop.


Ⅲ Check the rear water barrier

Where the countertop is against the wall, it must be turned up to form a water barrier.

It should be noted that this upturn must have a smooth arc, not a right-angle upturn, otherwise it will leave a dead corner that is difficult to clean.


Ⅳ Check the flatness of the table

After the countertop is installed, be sure to check the flatness again with a spirit level.

ⅤCheck the opening situation

The positions of the sink and the cooker on the countertop need to be opened, and the edges of the openings should be smooth and should not have a sawtooth shape; the four corners should have a certain arc, not a simple right angle, and should be specially reinforced.


Ⅵ View glass glue

When the quartz stone countertop is installed, the place where the countertop and the sink are connected will be marked with transparent glass glue. Before gluing, you must check whether the outer packaging of the glass glue is marked with anti-mildew function. After gluing, you must urge the workers to clean up the excess glue in time.

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