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Quartz Slab Gemini Black ZL3922

Quartz Slab Gemini Black ZL3922

Gemini black often comes with soft light, Instantly becoming the focus of vision. Create surprising delicate and realistic natural texture in home.

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Main Material: Quartz Sand

Color Name: Gemini Black ZL3922

Code: ZL3922

Style: Nero Marquina

Surface Finishes: Polished, Texture, Honed

Sample: Available by email

Application: Bathroom Vanity, Kitchen, Countertop, Flooring Pavement, Adheered Veneers, Worktops


320 cm * 160 cm / 126" * 63", 300 cm * 140 cm / 118" * 55", for project please contact our sales.

Thickness: 15 mm, 18 mm, 20 mm, 30 mm

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  • Gemini Black Quartz

    Fire in July, quiet night

    Paint a piece of paint, shine a little light

    Fireflies are stars that are naturally scattered in the world

    High and low floating in the sky

    Cross in a dark world

    Silence rises, the spirits that dance in the night

    The breeze blows, the trees rustle

    From the night of summer solstice to autumn

    From the open mountains to the plane trees in the courtyard

    Cloudy sky boiling

    Only you, shine brightly

    Quzrtz Countertop3

    #Product Design Source#

    Black Firefly

    That spark of light

    Often comes with soft light

    Instantly becoming the focus of vision

    The adaptability of black firefly in the home is surprising

    Delicate and realistic natural texture

    Staggered pattern like lightning

    Hidden intuitive expression of exquisite light luxury life

    Quzrtz Countertop2

    #Appreciation of Space Application#

    Black color, mysterious and cool

    With dreams beyond reality and infinite spirit

    solemn and elegant

    When paired with white irregular lines

    Like a shooting star in the sky, in sharp contrast to the night

    ▷Show sports form, more vitality

    Natural light from outside the window and spot lighting inside

    Illuminate quartz countertops

    Gives a quiet and soothing beauty

    Style is not only exposed on the surface

    Quzrtz Countertop1

    Quartz Stone Features:

    High Hardness and Scratch Resistance

    Quartz is the second largest mineral in nature after diamond. It has a very hard appearance and excellent physical and chemical properties.

    The shiny and bright surface of the quartz stone has undergone more than 30 complicated polishing processes and will not be scratched by the knife and shovel.

    Not Easy to Penetrate

    Quartz stone is a dense and non-porous composite material manufactured under vacuum conditions, and its quartz surface has good corrosion resistance to acid and alkali in the kitchen.

    Daily use of liquid substances will not penetrate the liquid substances, and will not cause problems such as yellowing and discoloration.

    High Temperature Resistance

    Natural quartz crystal is a typical refractory material, and its melting point is as high as 1300 degrees.

    Quartz stone made of natural quartz is completely flame-retardant and will not burn due to exposure to high temperature.

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