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Quartz Slab Sky White ZL1121

Quartz Slab Sky White ZL1121

Sky White tend to have a stronger spatial expression, We provide you various styles and designs of classic quartz stone slabs, which will enhance the beauty of your home.

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Main Material: Quartz Sand

Color Name: Sky White ZL1121

Code: ZL1121

Style: Sky White

Surface Finishes: Polished, Texture, Honed

Sample: Available by email

Application: Bathroom vanity, Kitchen, Countertop, Flooring Pavement, Adheered Veneers, Worktops


320 cm * 160 cm / 126" * 63", 300 cm * 140 cm / 118" * 55", for project please contact our sales.

Thickness: 15 mm, 18 mm, 20 mm, 30 mm

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  • Sky White Quartz

    On the top of the mountains

    the wind returns to the clouds

    Mountains and rivers in the world, rising stars

    Light golden sunlight from the lingering clouds

    The strands are projected down

    Floating light leaps to gold

    Quiet shadow sinks into jade

    I see nothing in front of my eyes

    Loating like jade beads

    Mocha Wizard’s countertop is apricot-white and dense,

    Unfolding like velvet

    Like a mocha with sugared cream and honey

    Fragrant flowers cross their necks and whisper to each other

    Quiet and consistent

    A generation of alluring cities chasing waves

    quartz slab1

    #Product Design Source#

    Xia Xianzhou, the stars leak

    Taoyao Li Yan, the smoke scene is swaggering

    Or a piece of black gauze wrapped in cold jade

    Floating in the air, with a gu-shooting posture, and a icy heart

    With a “gentle and cool” visual enjoyment

    Mocha looks like a light brown, yellow with white

    with a cool and light feeling

    Warm colors create various life styles of elegance, warmth, romance, dignity and elegance

    Mocha Wizard adds a warm texture to the space in home design

    In terms of the fineness of the texture and the layering of the color

    Often comes with soft light, instantly becoming the focus of vision

    quartz slab3

    #Appreciation of Space Application#

    Mocha color is the basic color,

    A stable and atmospheric color

    It has a neutralizing effect in the design collocation,

    It is not exaggerated, and it is easy to accept

    The coffee color is matched with home decoration,

    It is very good to highlight the sense of hierarchy

    ▷ Bring your own warm tone to increase the warmth of the space

    Desaturate the color for a calm and convergent beige

    As beautiful as the evening sunset

    ▷Make the world quiet and peaceful

    Freshen up a classic design

    quartz slab4

    The quartz stone slabs are designed with fashion appearances in this market, especially the product from Modern Stone. We provide you various styles and designs of monochrome quartz stone slabs, which will enhance the beauty of your home. Not only that but our products make the room look fashionable and attractive.

    Another salient feature of the monochrome quartz stone slab is that it brings us versatile styles and designs. For example, quartz stones slabs in different textures will enhance the beauty of your home. To mention that, we at Zoliaquartz guarantee you versatile designs of white quartz stone slabs, which will never disappoint you. In addition, our quartz stone slabs have versatile visual effects such as elegance, modernity, simplicity, and others for your reference.

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