• ZL6120

Calacatta Quartz Ili White ZL6120

Calacatta Quartz Ili White ZL6120

Ili white taking inspiration from nature, using white as the base, it continues the trend of collocation and innovation. The fine patterns spread arbitrarily, and the emotions progress with the ups and downs of the tones.

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Main Material: Quartz Sand

Color Name: Ili White ZL6120

Code: ZL6120

Stayle: Statuario Veins

Surface Finishes: Polished, Texture, Honed

Sample: Available by email

Application: Bathroom Vanity, Kitchen, Countertop, Flooring Pavement, Adheered Veneers, Worktops


320 cm * 160 cm / 126" * 63", 300 cm * 140 cm / 118" * 55", for project please contact our sales.

Thickness: 15 mm, 18 mm, 20 mm, 30 mm

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  • Ili White Quartz

    Tianshan is silent

    Talking to the sun, moon and stars on the top of the mountain

    Know the vastness of the universe, infinite vitality

    Together with the light, and with the time

    The sunset melts gold, when all things decline

    The varied veins of the vines are clear and distinct

    From bottom to top, reflecting the sky

    It is a net of relaxation and relaxation

    It is attachment and fetters

    The Tianshan vine table top interprets the short and long years of vines

    Exiled to the sky, sketching out a free and easy mood


    #Product Design Source#

    Between snow peaks and clouds, no emerald color in the mountains

    The long wooden plank road, Tianshan broke into Tong Moo uncontrollably

    Tianshan vines take the sky as the background, with mountains and vines as the main body

    The texture is delicate and well-proportioned to highlight the sense of hierarchy

    Emphasize the synthesis of nature and interior

    Stylize your home with a strong conviction

    Blurred and not picky

    Modernism, but not cold

    It shows the self-advocacy of urban light luxury life!


    #Appreciation of Space Application#

    Combination of white background and black lines

    It’s a combination that can’t go wrong

    From a distance with a sense of alienation

    ▷ Close up, I am fascinated by the winding and rich texture

    Simple shape combined with fine craftsmanship

    No complicated decoration

    ▷Each line has its own unique story

    At that moment, the distance between home and art was only 0.1 cm

    Bring infinite possibilities to space design


    Quartz Stone Can be Used in Multiple Places

    Usually, people pay more attention to the decoration material in the kitchen. The material should be heat resistance and dirt resistance. Not only that, it should have elegant colors which bring people a sense of satisfaction. In this case, our quartz stone slabs, which are designed in light and chic colors, water resistance, and anti-bacteria, are the best choices.

    The Floor of the Living Room:
    The design of the floor in the living room is essential because it will reflect the owner’s social status. Zoliaquartz Stone will help you achieve this by providing all styles of quartz stone slabs! We aim to create a lively, freedom atmosphere in your living room by offering artistic thought.

    The storefront symbolizes the image of the exclusive store. And we will provide novel, unique, and elegant quartz stone slabs to help you attract various kinds of past customers.

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